Get Ready to Celebrate Halloween with the Journal all Month Long

If you’ve been following me since my For Whom the Gear Turns days, you know that I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Halloween! I am still in the process of moving my content from my old blog to the Journal, and I could delay the Halloween posts and spread them over multiple years… But where’s the fun in that?

So grab your pitch forks and your broomsticks, and hold on tight. Starting Oct 1, I’ll be bringing you a slew of reviews for movies and books to get your Halloween gears a-turning. Plus, info on how the Victorians celebrated Halloween, where they got their obsession with ghosts, and a big fat bibliography of steam-era vampire tales. Keep the fun going on Facebook by joining the United we Steampunk, Divided we Fall group for extra content and discussion prompts.

Have a spooktacular weekend!

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