Inspirational Words from one of Steampunk’s Biggest Event Organizers, TeslaCon’s Eric Jon Larson


A few days ago, Eric Jon Larson, the brains behind TeslaCon, asked a heartfelt question of his followers. He wanted to know if his event felt important to people, where it fit in their lives. He received a huge out-pouring of support, both in public and in private messages. Many people said Steampunk and events like TeslaCon are a chance to be with people who “get them.” They feel like coming home.

This year’s theme is Bucharest, a fabulous city I had the chance to visit on my travels. To help con-goers get in the mood for our “Bungle” live action event, I’ll presenting a “stroll through” the capital of Romania, and former home to Count Dracula.

Here are a few pics from my time at TeslaCon 2016.


With his permission, I am re-posting the inspirational words Eric “Lord Bobbins” Larson shared with the TeslaCon Fans group in response. There’s still time to get tickets to this year’s convention, with entertainment Nov. 2-5 in Middleton, WI. Download the schedule to find out more.

From EJL:

“I am really very humbled and touched by what everyone has written. I don’t want you to think this is for anything more though than finding out “why it’s important to you” as a group.

I have spent over 30 years learning-crafting and designing marketing and design. I have always felt it works best when you ask questions- even if those questions can be direct. The truth is I wanted to see “why” this con is important and why it means so much. I saw the post earlier this week about people excited for next year already… it spurred me on, and gave me strength.

Katz is always saying our base is the most loyal there is- and I know that. It’s true. As I have admitted before I am not perfect, far from it. I make mistakes. But hopefully I also learn from them and teach myself to be better. What I am about to embark on for us is big. A 20 minute film that has never been tried, in a way that I hope Disney himself would be proud of. I am also starting a convention business that will lead to new cons and new adventures not just here in Wisconsin.

My life although busy is also isolated. So hearing from all of you like this helps me greatly. It shows me reasons why and what to keep doing, it gives me ideas and above all the drive to make it better at all time. You all do mean much to me- we ARE A FAMILY and we are all in this together.

It’s like a family reunion where we get to see every crazy, goofy, fun loving cousin and just enjoy each other over a long weekend. Although I am exhausted by the end- it recharges me in ways to numerous to count.

I only hope I can fulfill your wishes and dreams again.”

There are still a few tickets left for TeslaCon 2017! Come on by and see Phoebe Darqueling give one of her talks like “A Stroll Through Bucharest” Nov 2-5.

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