VSS rebranding announced

Lincoln Cathedral provides the backdrop for Weekend at the Asylum

The Victorian Steampunk Society (VSS) have announced that they will be changing their name to the Ministry of Steampunk.  When the V.S.S. was created almost a decade ago it’s aims were simple – to facilitate the very best opportunities for steampunks to enjoy one another’s company, to enjoy events and share their creativity. The problem was that many people in 2008/9 had never heard of steampunk and mention of the word simply met blank looks and confusion.

In order to help give more relevance, they decided to add “Victorian” to the front. This ensured venues were more confident that they weren’t going to cause trouble (arguably due to the punk reference).


Unfortunately, some newcomers to the scene think that the Victorian era is an integral part of having a steampunk identity. Therefore, the group decided to revamp the name to the Ministry of Steampunk. In a release yesterday, the VSS said: “It’s an identity we have operated for two years at The Asylum in the Cathedral centre with a fabulous coat of arms logo designed by the inimitable Doctor Geof. Think of us as the “Ministry of Sound” but with more steampunk!”

Nothing else is due to change with the way the group operates. They have a growing portfolio of popular events such as 2018’s “The Town That Never Was II” at Blists Hill, “Steampunks in Space” in Leicester. There’s also the ever popular “Weekend at The Asylum X” in Lincoln and the new “TimeQuake” at Easter.

You can keep up to date with the group on their Facebook page: British Steampunk Community

And you can learn about steampunk events on this Facebook page: British Steampunk Events

There’s also an Events Directory on Steampunk Journal: Steampunk Journal Events and Locations Directory

Find out what Asylum is like with our Event report: Asylum 2017 report

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