The Dandelion Farmer by Mathew McCall Synopsis

Synopsis for The Dandelion Farmer

By Mathew McCall

Edwin Ransom is scratching a living out of the red earth of the newly independent Martian Colonies. The idealistic young dandelion farmer must take a stand against the powerful Eleuthère Du Maurier when he tries to drive him from his land.

Events soon spiral out of Edwin’s control. He encounters Adam Franklin, a man suffering long-term memory loss and haunted by nightmares of his own death. They are drawn further into violent conflict with the evil industrialist’s henchmen and forced to flee to the protection of Edwin’s father-in-law, Professor Flammarion.

He believes mankind on Mars is on the brink of self-extinction, and is preparing an airship for a desperate search. If any of the First Martians exist, they could save them all. The Professor enlists Edwin and Adam to join his eclectic group of scientists and adventurers in his perilous quest.

Set against a background of the looming threat of war between the colonies and pursued by the dark forces unleashed by the evil Du Maurier, Edwin finds himself catapulted into a nightmare adventure on the frontiers of human civilisation and beyond.

The Dandelion Farmer the first part of a three-part series. Of course, it has all the expected Steampunk ingredients; airships, robots, mad professors, corsets, top hats, magnificent moustaches, Martians, monsters and Machiavellian evil industrialists.

Starting Oct 30, Read Chapter 1!

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