Jacq of Spades is a Fabulous Mash-up of Noir and Steampunk

What is Jacq of Spades About?

Yes, you read it correctly; the title is Jacq of Spades with a “q.” The fearless heroin in this first installment of the Red Dog Conspiracy is named Jacqueline Spadros. She married into one of the four crime families who run the city with an iron grip. Her position should keep her safe, but Jacqueline can’t leave her past, nor the people who still live in her old neighborhood behind. As a detective, she’s been able to solve every case so far. But she soon finds herself embroiled in a mystery that centers on the symbol of a red dog left at the scenes of crimes.

What I Thought of Jacq of Spades

I absolutely loved this book. Author Patricia Loofbourrow spins a wonderful tale populated by engaging characters. The reader is fed the main character’s back story like tasty little breadcrumbs. The world-building and characterization is thorough, but doesn’t intrude at all on the unfolding mystery. I identified with the Jacqueline every conflicted step of the way.

There is a definite stream of consciousness to it that I love from noir films and more modern takes on the genre like Sin City. The strange city and it’s bridges spanning concentric rings of increasing poverty is a great setting for a mystery. Jacqueline is in danger every time she moves from one part of the city to another, whether from other gangs, or members of her husband’s nefarious family.

I gobbled up this book in just two days, and I think you will, too! Find out more on Goodreads. 

I’m lucky enough to get to hang out with the author of today’s book in the United we Steampunk, Divided we Fall Facebook group. Join us!

Do you like Steampunk detective stories? Got something to recommend? Tell us about it in the comments!

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