Victoriocity: A neo-Victorian detective comedy podcast available for download

Even Greater London, 1887

In this vast metropolis, Inspector Archibald Fleet and journalist Clara Entwhistle investigate a murder, only to find themselves at the centre of a conspiracy of impossible proportions.

Inspired by the nineteenth-century sensation novels of Wilkie Collins and Mary Elizabeth Braddon, and classic audio comedy dramas such as Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Victoriocity is a detective story set in a reimagined Victorian past that offers comedy and suspense in equal measure.

Following in the footsteps of critically acclaimed podcast Wooden Overcoats, Victoriocity has been created, developed, and produced by a dedicated team of creative newcomers, without the backing of an established production company. Nevertheless, the team has succeeded in creating a high quality comedy drama series in six parts. None of this would have been possible without the commitment of over thirty actors, artists, composers, musicians and technicians who volunteered their time, energy and talent to make the project happen. Such dedication is a testament to their belief in the quality of the script and to the passion and drive of the production team as a whole.

Victoriocity is a brand new detective comedy podcast. This full-studio audio drama was written by Chris and Jen Sugden, with original music by Jon Ouin (Stornoway), and features some rapidly rising stars in British comedy.


Starring Tom Crowley (Wooden Overcoats, Beef and Dairy Podcast) in the lead role, the series has an impressive cast of dramatic and comic talent, including:
Gemma Arrowsmith (Tracey Ullman’s Show, Tracey Breaks the News, Upstart Crow, Newsjack)
Peter Rae (Doctor Who for BBC Radio)
Jackie Smith-Wood (BBC’s Mansfield Park, Man and Superman, House of Eliott)
Richard Soames (The Beta Males, Michael McIntyre’s Big Show)
Nicholas Collett (RSC, Knightmare Live)
Ben Galpin (Hunting of the Snark)
and Molly Beth Morossa (Wooden Overcoats)

How to listen:

Search for Victoriocity on Apple Podcasts or
any other podcast app, or go to
Episodes released every Thursday between 19th October and 23rd November


Tom Crowley, Layla Katib and Peter Rae
Written by
Chris and Jen Sugden
Directed by
Nathan Peter Grassi
Produced by
Dominic Hargreaves
Music composed by
Jon Ouin

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