Results and Responses to our Reader Survey

Greetings Steampunk fans!

Thanks to everyone who voted and shared our reader survey with their friends. We wanted to share a brief summary of the survey results, as well as the steps we are taking to respond to your thoughts.

Question #1: On what sort of device are you most likely to view Steampunk Journal?

As we suspected, most of our readers are still using computers to read our website (50%). One-third of you use your mobile device, and the remainder use a tablet. In 2018, we are planning a website makeover. When selecting our new theme, we will take special care to make it easy and fun to interact with us on your phone as well as a positive full-screen experience.

Question #2: Investigating Reader Behavior

The majority of our respondents (85%) subscribe to Steampunk Journal in some way. They don’t necessarily visit the homepage, but sometimes will. This means the results of this survey are heavily skewed toward our subscribers. That’s totally fine for our purposes, considering they are the ones who would have the strongest opinions. 

Question #3: Favorite Types of Posts

This question allowed respondents to select all their favorites, so the percentages will not add up to 100. As someone who publishes the majority of our reviews, I was delighted to see the majority of respondents like them, too! (76%) The next four come in at a virtual tie around 60%, and include community and convention reports, history and culture of the steam era, press releases and book launch announcements, and advice for participating in Steampunk communities. About half of the respondents enjoy our interviews and posts about the editors and their personal Steampunk projects, followed by the Steampunk Write/Steampunk Read columns and video posts. 

We will definitely keep up sharing our reviews in the year to come, but we are also instituting a system for people to contribute guest posts to the Journal. There’s just too much awesome stuff out there for Moriarty and I to tackle on our own. Stay tuned to find out more about how YOU can contribute to Steampunk Journal!

Question #4: Weighing in on New Series and Posts

I admit, when I wrote this survey, I already suspected the results to many of the questions. This one performed pretty much exactly as I thought it would, and reinforces the results of #3.

72% of our respondents would like to see profiles about Steampunk groups and get advice on how to get more involved in a Steampunk community. 72% of them also are interested in seeing guest posts. The runner-up with a decent 58% showing is the “What’s the Difference?” series. This is a specialized type of post that could draw from guest experts to help explain the similarities and differences between different topics.

You’ll be happy to know I have already started recruiting guest bloggers and creating templates to make contributing articles easy. We’d love to help other fans share their voices and connect with their fellows!

Question #5: Other Topics and Fandoms Readers Enjoy

One of the remarkable things about Steampunk is how it can mash up with just about anything. There is a lot of overlap between it and other punks genres, not to mention the wider world of sci-fi and fantasy geekdom.

For some, Steampunk is a gateway. For others, Steampunk is the treasure at the end of a long quest. Our goal in the years to come is to delight as many people as possible with the awesomeness of Steampunk, no matter how they come to find it. We included this question in our survey in order to make sure that as we branch into related content in search of new fans, we don’t go too far from what our regular readers already like.

66% of respondents not only enjoy Steampunk, but the other punk genres as well. This is awesome news, especially because I’ve already invited Eric Fisk of the Fedora Chronicles to offer his expertise on Dieselpunk and related topics as part of the What’s the Difference? Series.

66% of respondents also like futuristic and space related fandoms. Steampunk has its tentacles all over Star Wars, Star Trek, and the like, and we’ll be sure to get those delightful mash-ups in our line up. When Phoebe was still at her old blog, she wrote a series of posts about integrating futuristic and alien tropes into Steampunk. You can bet you’ll see those updated, polished, and ready to dazzle in 2018.

Over half of the respondents consider themselves fans of goth and horror. My spine also enjoys a good tingle, so I was happy to see the people agree. We lingered on the macabre for a lot of October, but I have plenty more where that came from!

 Question #6: Your Suggestions

This question was optional, and about 40% of respondents left us a comment. Most of them were really positive and encouraging, so thanks to everyone who took the time to let us know you want to us succeed! A few people suggested not only topics, but that they could write articles about them. I’m glad the idea of having guest writers has you all as excited I am!

If you missed your chance to take the formal survey, or you have other suggestions you’d like to make, please leave us a comment. 

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