Announcing the Launch of a New Steampunk Web-Series, The Last Airship. First Episodes Available Now!

‘The Last Airship’ is a Steampunk Web Series about a crew who set out to prove that the days of airships aren’t over yet in their alternative Victorian era.

In the first series, composed of six 6-minute episodes, the crew attempts to transport cargo across the Atlantic faster than ever. They face storms, pirates, and the Bermuda Triangle along the way. The Isle of Wight served as the primary location, with a few scenes shot it America. The Last Airship was funded through a crowdfunding campaign.

Isle of Wight-based entertainer and filmmaker, Greg Chapman, wrote, edited, directed, and produced the series. It co-stars Patrick Barry and Felicity Hawthorn, along with a host of other talented performers. This includes series regular, Travis I Sivart. He’s known among Steampunks for his books, as well as the “Sounds of Steam” and “Talk of the Tavern” internet radio shows.

The first episode was released on the 4th December 2017. Plans for a second series are currently being developed.

The entire series will all be available for free online by January 2018 at

Have you watched any of the series yet? Tell us what you think in the comments!


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