Gotham by Gaslight due for global release January 23rd 2018

In an alternative Victorian Age Gotham City, Batman begins his war on crime while he investigates a new series of murders by Jack the Ripper. The new feature length film featuring DC Comic’s arguably most famous character. But given a Victorian time frame, a brown batsuit and his weapons/gadgets, could this be considered a steampunk batman film? I’m not one to appropriate things for the culture. But the items that he uses that we see in the trailer are the grapple and a motorbike. From a Victorian time frame, they’re futuristic and puts the film more into the science fiction slant. Much like the Batwing and his other gadgets do for the modern day Batman.

Cast and Crew

Either way, this looks like a promising release. The lighting looks satisfyingly film noir when it needs to be and soft when inside. As that would be lit by gaslight anyway. The voice cast is impressive featuring Bruce Greenwood (Pike – Star Trek) as Bruce Wayne, Jennifer Carpenter (Debra Morgan – Dexter) as Selina Kyle – an early Catwoman according to the trailer. We only see her use of a whip but maybe she develops – or reveals – her character later on. Anthony Head (Rupert Giles – Buffy) is the token English cast member to voice Alfred the ever faithful butler. The main characters are topped off with Scott  Patterson (Agent Strahm – Saw IV & V) as Commissioner Gordon.

Sam Liu directs and produces. He’s well known for directing animated films and has headed up such films as Batman and Harley Quinn, Batman: The Killing Joke and several episodes of Green Lantern animated series. He’s no stranger to the DC Universe or indeed Gotham.

The release date is the 12th January in the USA and 23rd January for global online release. More information will be available on the DC Comics website in the coming weeks. You can find them by following this link.

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