Guest Post: Milo Murphy’s Law Review by Bess Goden of Steampunk Parliament

(Featured image: Milo, his sister Sara and friends Bradley and Amanda waiting to see the new ‘Dr. Zone’ movie.)

What is Milo Murphy’s Law About?

You may not have heard about the new Disney XD cartoon Milo Murphy’s Law, but it’s both hilarious and riddled with enough time traveling steampunk references to keep even adult viewers delighted. Milo Murphy, (voiced by Weird Al), is plagued by ‘Murphy’s Law’: ‘Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.’ This is why he’s always prepared for anything, including time travel.


Milo is constantly chased by avalanches, floods, stampedes, and all number of hilariously unfortunate events. Some of these are caused by the time traveling police duo, Cavendish and Dakota. Milo doesn’t always get caught up in their missions to save the future of Pistachio nuts from extinction. (Yeah, they aren’t the most valued time police in their agency). However, the duo does have a parallel adventure in each episode and eventually joins with Milo to embark on the ultimate time quest. Cavendish and Dakota may not be the best time travelers, but they end up doing their duty too well. It eventually falls on them and Milo to save the future from a race of evolved plant people led by the violent King Pistachion.

(Photo at right, Balthazar Cavendish on the left, voiced by show’s co-creator Jeff ‘Swampy’ Marsh, and Vinnie Dakota, voiced by the show’s other co-creator Dan Povenmire.)

(Dr. Zone has one foot in the past, one foot in the future and one hand in the present. While Time Ape has a clock for a head because he was born directly out of the time-space continuum.)

What I Thought of Milo Murphy’s Law

Charmingly wry but adorably optimistic, this show enjoys poking fun at time travelling tropes like the infamous BBC show Dr. Who. Milo’s sister is obsessed with the show’s spoof version ‘Dr. Zone’, which features a steampunk time traveler and his companion Time Ape. When Milo teams up with Cavendish and Dakota, their mission to prevent pistachios from evolving to total world domination takes them back in time to the inception of the spoof where Milo inspires the show’s creator to invent ‘Dr. Zone’. This is one of many examples where the show plays light-heartedly with time paradoxes, making this one of the most delightfully absurdist cartoons of 2017.

Bess Goden is a talented artist and blogger of the Steampunk persuasion at her website, and on Facebook


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