I Moved to Germany and I Forgot to Tell Anyone!

Hey there Steam-friends!

Have you ever been so immersed in something you forgot to tell people about it? That’s what happened with me and my latest move abroad. I wasn’t sure exactly when the move would become “official” because we still had an apartment in Michigan. But we’ve taken the steps needed to get out of our lease. I’ve started the process for being considered a real resident of Freiburg im Breisgau.

For those who don’t know, my journey into Steampunk coincided with a “quarter-life crisis” five years ago. The Mister and I have spent the time since then bouncing from place to place while he completed his PhD research. We’ve been living grant to grant, which has taken us to Greece, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, England, Scotland, and now Germany. The difference is now we plan to stay put for several years! He is part of a multi-disciplinary team examining the relationships between ancient empires. I’ll be doing some editing for the project as well.

What does this mean for the Journal?

Not much, actually! I sure love living in an era where I can work on whatever I want completely remotely. It will be trickier for me to get back to the US to do event reports. But I do have plans to be at both the International Steampunk Symposium this Spring and TeslaCon again this Fall. In addition to giving new talks, I’ll also be promoting Army of Brass, the novel I coordinated and contributed to through the Collaborative Writing Challenge. You can also find a few chapters of mine in their latest release, an epic fantasy called Esyld’s Awakening and a gothic fantasy short called “The Vigil” in the anthology Chasing Magic. I’ve got a Gaslamp fantasy novel of my own called No Rest for the Wicked in the hands of an agent right now. I’ve also got high hopes for my other publishing aspirations this year.

In the mean time, I’ve started recruiting an awesome group of guest writers who are eager to share their experiences and points of view. I’ll be doing an info session in person at ISS and I’ll do a more detailed post. But if you are interested in joining the team, please email phoebe@steampunkjournal.org. You can also find me on Facebook, where I’ve got a group devoted to guest writers already set up and ready to go!

2 thoughts on “I Moved to Germany and I Forgot to Tell Anyone!

    1. Thanks! I admit, I already have started plotting a book that will take place right here in the Black Forest 🙂 Travel is one of the best sources for fiction fodder in the world, and I am very fortunate that I’ve had the chance to see so much.

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