Whitby Steampunk Weekend III “Just Like Heaven” – What to expect

February 10th and 11th 2018 marks the third Whitby Steampunk Weekend event as it progresses into its second year. In 2017 the event hit the ground running and has seemingly gained traction in the last 12 months. The third event dubbed “Just Like Heaven” has a slight restructure but doesn’t appear to be losing any of it’s potency.

What you can expect to see at WSWIII

Officially the event kicks off on Saturday at the Whitby Spa. The Saturday day will be filled with the usual bustling market place which is on both floors of the Spa. In fact over 70 stalls will be in attendance to ensure you find something that you need… want… need.

Unofficially speaking

Saturday night hosts the official night and I say that because should you be attending earlier – like I will be – on Friday night there’s an unofficial steampunk evening at the Met Ballroom. You may remember that from the Saturday evening event at the last WSW in 2017. Steampunk Almanac’s Atticus Oldman will be playing some steampunk favourites until late. The best bit is that entry to this event is free of charge. On Saturday however, the evening entertainment is a ticketed event so if you haven’t got yours yet, make sure you do as the night event is typically sold out.

Saturday night Heaven

Just Like Heaven sees the return of acts from previous Whitby Steampunk Weekends. Natalia Kalashnikov is hosting the night. She opened and hosted the very first WSW in February 2017 and put on a grand display including unicycle skipping and a budget Dita Von Teese style Martini glass strip. Music comes from Leeds based crack pots Biscuithead and the Biscuit Badgers (tbc), international steampunk sweetheart Montague Jacques Fromage and Time Travelling dandy adventurer Professor Elemental. All three acts are very involved with the audience so expect lots of crowd participation during the songs.

Biscuithead & The Biscuit Badgers. Copyright Neal Rylatt, used with permission
Saturday and Sunday day

Along with the dozens of stalls to feast your eyes on, there’s a number of workshops, talks, demonstrations taking place over the weekend as well as a number of talks including myself, Atticus Oldman and Montague Jacques Fromage. These talks are designed to help complete newcomers to steampunk and I expect we’ll be answering questions as well as allowing our egos to be stroked. If you or anyone you know who’s attending is a complete newcomer to the culture, then make sure to pop by and say hello and maybe have a listen to what we have to say. Some of the other entertainment during the day includes Bartitsu demostrations. That’s the art of Victorian cane fighting, Magic, the arrival of the Time Travelling Tea Tent is expected. Hopefully on time. Steampunk Steamstress worksops are taking place for anyone wanting to learn how to make clothing and a free classic cinema.

Friendly dogs are most welcome as the organisers know how much you like to dress up your pooches too.

Weapons policy

This has been a matter of contention throughout the British steampunk scene for the past year or so. The other day someone asked about the weapons policy as they’d had their replica steampunk gun taken off them at Whitby Goth Weekend and wanted to know if it was an event thing or a location thing. The good news is that it’s completely down to the event organisers. Whitby Goth Weekend had a slight issue one year and in a knee jerk reaction banned all replica weaponry from their events inside. Whitby Steampunk Weekend has no such ban, though they do recommend leaving large props at the door for health and safety reasons.

One person gave the best advice they suggested that if you think your weapon looks like something that might get you stopped by the Police, then don’t bring it. But that’s the case for any event really and really good advice at that.

For more information, visit the Whitby Steampunk Weekend Facebook page.

For a list of traders, you can view this page on Steampunk Almanac.

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