Recent Error Message on the Site


During the first few days of February, you may have encountered a warning when trying to visit Steampunk Journal. The message said the site could be attempting to steal sensitive data and to leave immediately. We wanted to assure our readers that this was a lapse in a security certificate, but not a lack of security. The Journal has never and will never take advantage of our fans by stealing or selling your data. The problem has been fixed, so we are back to business as usual.

Thanks as always for reading Steampunk Journal, and have a splendid day!

Phoebe & Moriarty

For more information about your privacy on Steampunk Journal, you can read our Privacy Policy by following this link: Steampunk Journal Privacy Policy

3 thoughts on “Recent Error Message on the Site

  1. It is incredibly frustrating that SSL Certificates don’t let you renew a head of time, and the moment you do renew, they immediatly deactivate your old one, and you don’t get any money or credit for the time lost. I learned this the hard way a couple years ago, when I renewed my SSL a month early, I was shocked to find out not only did the old one (which still had a month on it) no longer worked, and I lost the month they deactivated, but it took about 3 days for the renewal to activate, and it started wit a new renewal date, not the old one grrr…. lol

    This year I intend to add a warning at least a week ahead of me renewing, and send out a newsletter saying the store/sties will be inaccesible for a few days…

    1. Yes it is frustrating. When I renewed it, I thought it was all done and dusted until the site went down. Then I went back to the webhost and I had received a message saying the certificate needed installing. Just simple things like that can have a massive detriment to the site.

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