Sean Tice Joins the Journal as 2018’s House Photographer

Published writer, photographer and videographer, Sean Tice has been working in and around media of all types for nearly 35 years. His works encompass a variety of styles, and Steampunk has proven to be not only a favorite subject of his, but popular among his fans. The wonderful world of Steampunk provides an amazing variety of styles and exploration of not only the arts, but of history, philosophy, and everything in between. For Sean, it has become a source of inspiration in every aspect of his creative endeavors and will continue to inspire and empower his voyage down the line.

His motto:

It has been the abiding aim of this artist to provide you the largest selection of beautiful images at the lowest possible price. The swift and splendid development of the art, in the taste of its variety and style, is intended to inspire a more expressive and efficient language of inspiration, its intellectual tasks, and for the intrinsic satisfactions of its emotional visions. A bridge from my heart to yours.

We’ve got a really cool project in the works with Sean, but it’s too early to say anything official just yet. What we can say for sure is stay tuned to the Journal and our Facebook page for awesome new photos from Sean all year long! Want to see more of his work right now? Check him out on Facebook and Instagram, and you’ll be able to see a print spread in the next issue of Victorian Gothic and Steampunk Magazine. 

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