Want to See Yourself Featured on Steampunk Journal? Become a Guest Writer!

Greetings Steam-friends!

You’ve probably noticed a few new names around the Journal already this year. Sean Tice is contributing photography. Tony Green dropped by as a guest writer to share his vision for the place of Socialism in contemporary Steampunk. Victoria L. Szulc gave us her first review this week, plus she’s going to do a series on famous ghosts and haunted places starting in March. And Bess Goden wrote a great exposé on the Jeff Mach allegations.

But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. If you’re a writer, or even if you don’t think of yourself that way but you think you’ve got something interesting to say, we want to hear from you! We are looking for reviews of books, movies, and other Steampunk media. If you go to an event, we’d love to find out more about your experience. We’d also like to feature more fiction in the form of short stories. And we are always looking to add more excerpts and synopses to the Steampunk Write/Steampunk Read campaign. Plus, if you’ve got a press release for a crowdfunding campaign, book launch, special event, or concert, we are happy to post that for you in our News section.

Guest writers are provided with guidelines and templates to help make their articles work with the Journal’s goals of accessibility. And we provide copy-editing and editorial advice if writers have any trouble developing their ideas on their own. In fact, we’ve got a lively Facebook group dedicated to our guest writers and discussing their articles.

How to Get Involved

If you’ve got any questions or wish to propose an article or series, send an email to Phoebe@steampunkjournal.org. You can also send Phoebe Darqueling a message on Facebook through the Steampunk Journal page.

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