Hartlepool Steampunk Festival Location Confirmed

Hartlepool steampunk weekend. One of the locations.
Hartlepool steampunk weekend evening event location

Hartlepool Borough Council have confirmed that the steampunk market scheduled for September 8th & 9th 2018 will be held at the Headland Sports Centre. The Centre is attached to the rather splendid Borough Hall which, conveniently, is the location of the evening concert. Borough hall is situated on the ancient headland where the original town of Hartlepool developed. Suffice to say that this will be extremely convenient for visiting steampunks. As the whole event will be in one location that’s steeped in history.

As ever with David Smith events, there will be evening entertainment. This comes to you in the form of resident Master of Ceremonies Erwyd Le Fol. Providing music are The Pastures, slaughterhouse blues band The Wattingers. Headlining the night are coarse music hall, gypsy punk, dark cabaret, pirate shanty act The Filthy Spectacula!

Music and cabaret
On top of that, there will be illusions from burlesque and cabaret artist Foxee Stole. Juggling, escapology and magic (probably not all at the same time) will be delivered in the shape of Greg Chapman. To top it off, Sheffield based circus, burlesque and cabaret performer – who I’m happy to say is a wonderful friend of both mine and the Journal – Pansy Cheung will be in attendance! She will be bringing her own unique style of performance art and glamour to the show.

The night promises to be something to look forward to because if that wasn’t all, there’s also murmurs of steampunk sweetheart Montague Jacques Fromage making an appearance. Of course being the international jet setter he is, it will all depend on his commitments to the USA and the events that he attends there.
You can use the link here to get tickets when they become available: Hartlepool Steampunk Weekend tickets
In the meantime, why not click the links of the artists above and give them a like.

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