Silver Phoenix Society Announce Cancellation of Steampunk World’s Fair

silver phoenix society to cancel SPWFAfter the recent allegations made against the former organiser of the largest steampunk event in the USA and arguably the world, Jeff Mach Events changed their name to Just Magical Events in order to distance themselves from the issues. More recently the Silver Phoenix Society took over the organisation of the event. In a recent Facebook Live broadcast, Michael Whitehouse said that the event was going ahead confirming that legal issues were settled, hotel contracts were set and that they were “100% focused on bringing great content to a fun and safe event.”

It was also announced that the event was going to be renamed the Silver Clockwork Steampunk Exposition and Symposium; or the Silver Clockwork Exposition for convenience. It was confirmed that Jeff Mach would be receiving no monetary compensation for the event but had offered to continue to work for them securing hotels and managing contracts remotely and that he would not be present at the event.

During the Live feed on Talk of the Tavern’s Q&A session, Michael confirmed that the Silver Phoenix Society are ending their links to the Steampunk World’s Fair. He went on to clarify that it meant that the May event would effectively be cancelled. He did confirm that a new event would be created in its place, but not until Fall 2018.

He went on to say that contracts for the Hotel and other areas had not been transferred over to their name and were still in the name of Jeff Mach. He said that the website and other parts are now owned by SPS but the actual event was not.

Michael did take the time to clarify that the Society was not abandoning anyone. They will be helping wherever they can. Refunds will be given for tickets and vendor fees who don’t want to be involved with the new event. However this is only pertaining to people who paid money to SPS after the beginning of February 2018.

We will be looking more in-depth at the whole discussion that took place on 14th March 2018 in a later article.

3 thoughts on “Silver Phoenix Society Announce Cancellation of Steampunk World’s Fair

  1. I say old bean, I’m glad they finally stopped that dreadful Edward Kramer chap. Bad show, indeed.

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