Progress (For Life) new single by Chasing The Dark

Progress (for life) is the brand new single by ex Metropolis front man Chris Longman. Chasing the Dark released the single on 16th February and are already lining up a new single. Progress has already been featured on GBJ Alternative Rock, West Norfolk Radio and steampunk’s very own online station GASP.

chasing the darkChasing the Dark is a solo outfit by Chris. He does everything from writing lyrics and music, to playing all instruments, recording them, mixing and mastering them. He also manages the artwork and marketing which is a huge undertaking in itself.

When I spoke to him about his new venture, he had this to say: “I’m learning so much and I’m excited about the new musical directions this project allows me to experiment in. While keeping an Alternative Rock and Prog influenced core or Metropolis, Chasing the Dark is free to experiment in areas of music and instrumentation that have influenced my music, such as Peter Gabriel, Within Temptation, Gary Numan, Ane Brun, Evanescence, Emiliana Torrini, Seth Lakeman, Damien Rice and The Colorist Orchestra.”

Chasing the Dark: Progress (for life) thoughts:

Progress is constructed in an interesting way. It starts off with dark, shanty style pipes that lead into a slow percussive rhythm. Deep pads create a sonic soundscapes that writhe and roll with the lyrics. It gave me a feeling of Cemeteries of London, but then that dissipates and the Evanescence influence can be noted. It has a distinct 90s dark rock feel to it that wouldn’t go amiss in a Vampire B Movie. The song rolls beautifully along with an abrupt ending that takes you excitedly out of your comfort zone. Progess is a little belter and a great start to Chris’ solo career. We can’t wait to hear what he has up his sleeve to follow on from this.

Initially Chris is looking to release one song every 3 months digitally, and all singles will be available to buy or stream on all the main formats and marketplaces, such as iTunes and Spotify.

To check out Chasing the Dark go to or

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