The First Week of the Army of Brass Blog Tour was Full of Exclusive Goodies

Like acting as coordinator for this project, getting ready for the blog tour for Army of Brass has been both exhausting and rewarding. I had such an amazing response from general denizens of the web who are hosting guest posts, excerpts, and interviews of the writers behind this exciting tale of intrigue and gadgetry. You can order now and get it delivered to your e-reader April 27.

Here’s what happened this week

People got a sneak peek at Chapter 1 by Jason Pere and Chapter 3 by Jim O’Loughlin.

They could read the description of the book here, here, or here, and enter our GIVEAWAY!

Then, Jason stopped by Steampunk Parliament for an interview and Jean Grabow went to my author page to share insights about writing Army of Brass.

If you want to know more about writing collaboratively, both Crystal MM Burton and Kathrin Hutson shared guest posts about the pros, cons, and rewards.

And don’t forget, April 28-29 on Facebook you can stop by the Army of Brass Launch Party to meet the writers. Plus, you can enter an exclusive giveaway that includes a $25 Amazon gift card and Steampunk books.

Thanks as always for your support and stay splendid out there!

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