Back the next Bodacious Creed Book and YOU can Become a Character in this Steampunk Zombie Western

Like its predecessor Bodacious CreedBodacious Creed and the Frisco Syndicate will be full of steampunk technology, gunfights, mystery, and well-rounded characters. These include the hero, the resurrected U.S. Marshal, James Creed, and the brothel madam and inventor, Anna Lynn Boyd. It will also include a full cast of supporting characters. (Read a review of the first Bodacious Creed)

While the first novel took place in an alternate version of my home town of Santa Cruz, California, in 1876, the second will happen mostly in San Francisco.

What was San Francisco like at the time? Wild, rowdy, and dangerous. I’ve been doing extensive research on the city and its most notorious criminal district, The Barbary Coast, where much of the tale will take place. In addition to historical crime, add a syndicate raising the dead with steam-based technology, and we have a formula for the sort of danger Creed was born to confront. His greatest challenges lie ahead.

Check out the video and any updates now on Kickstarter. Once he reaches the goal, creator Jonathan Fesmire will add stretch goals. Also, have a look at the rewards and become a backer! Every backer gets something. Even at $1, you will get a large, high quality jpeg of the wrap-around trade paperback cover. I invite you to become part of James “Bodacious” Creed’s next adventure!

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