Steampunk Journal is on Patreon!

Steampunk Journal, the most popular online steampunk news site in the world, have launched a Patreon page. The page is launched and aims to raise just $20 per month initially to increase the speed of the site.

Patreon page for Steampunk JournalIn 2013, I launched Steampunk Journal to document my journey through steampunk. It started as a simple rolling blog on the WordPress hosting site. As the months rolled by I got to know people, interviewed them, reviewed products and discovered news of what was going on around the world. Eventually, the site outgrew the hosting capabilities and I went self hosted. Because the site was small compared to other self hosted sites, I opted for the shared server.

Over time the site has exploded in popularity and we have much more traffic. Thanks in part to the fantastic work my co-Editor Phoebe Darqueling does. So much so that the type of server that we use can’t cope and the site is slowing down. Steampunk Journal was always going to be a free resource for the people that visit it. In order to keep it that way, I added advertising to it, but I don’t like advertising on websites, so it would be hypocritical to laden the Journal with them.

Our Pledge

Phoebe and I have never taken any money from the site and always funnelled it back into the community either paying for additional plug ins to make the site work better or to help steampunks in distress, for example. As the Patreon page develops, we’ll start giving back to the community. I’m currently developing plans for additional rewarded tiers that will also give back to the artists who help make those tiers happen. Steampunk is a supportive community and the way I see it; if the community is going to support us, then we’ll support it right back.

As the site slows people will tire of visiting it because of the wait time to load the articles. In order to increase the speed of loading, I need to upgrade to a dedicated server that only Steampunk Journal and its associated websites will use (Hellfire Club and future dedicated online store and dating website). It’s a substantial leap in costs from an average of £7 per month to £20 per month. It’s far too steep for us to fund alone,so we’re calling on the aid of the steampunk community.

The page has a two tiered strategy:

  • Increase the speed of the site
  • Benefit steampunk creators

Your Pledge

All we’re asking for is $1 per month. Just $1 and with enough patrons, we can upgrade the servers and speed the site up. We are already planning a new look for the site. The theme has been bought but the servers won’t cope with it as they are. We’re ready to go and the only thing preventing us from doing so is the cost. With the community on our side, we believe we can take the Journal to the next level.

It’s incredibly easy to support us. Simply follow the link on this text. The instructions are clear enough and it’s a simple standing order system either via a credit card or PayPal.

It would be super to have you with us on our journey.

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