Phoebe’s Been Writing a Ton of Guest Posts for the Army of Brass Blog Tour. Check em Out!

If you haven’t seen me around the Journal much over the past few weeks, it’s because I’ve been hard at work doing guest posts all over the aetherweb to get the word out about Army of Brass. Here’s a little taste of each post and links to where you can read the full text.

History of Steampunk Series

The first post in this 4-part series was posted here on the Journal and looked at Steampunk works from the time before the term first appeared in print in 1987. The second post was hosted by Chris Pavesic and looked at the first decade of Steampunk with an emphasis on books. For the next installment, Penny Blake was my host and the article was about the second decade of Steampunk as it branched into visual media and music. The last post in the series was published by Rebekah Jonesy with a focus on the most recent decade and looked at the rise of Steampunk in the media and pop culture, as well as what to expect from attending a Steampunk event.

Murder and Mayhem

Today, my friends over at the Steampunk Cavaliers site hosted an article that profiles four real-life Victorian murderesses. This post was inspired by the darker scenes in Army of Brass and the amazing female characters in the book that sometimes go too far.

More still to come!

The Army of Brass launch blog tour and our temporary price of $.99 continues until May 13, and I’ve got a few more stops lined up. Stay tuned for more info about where else you can find me around the web. And don’t forget! We have a fabulous giveaway going on, so enter today for a chance at free e-books.

Plus, there are other great articles, interview, and reviews on the blog tour. Here’s a full list of the stops so far:

4/13 – A Sneak Peek at Chapter 1 by Jason Pere

4/14 – Launch announcement

4/15 – Interview with contributor Jason Pere

4/16 – Memes in the Making

4/17 – Excerpt by Jim O’Loughlin

4/18 – The Pros and Cons of Collaborative Writing

4/19 – Interview with contributor Jean Grabow

4/20 – Collaboration is the Future by Kathrin Hutson

4/21 – Excerpt by Michael Cieslak

4/22 – Excerpt by Dorothy Emry

4/23 – Review by Penny Blake

4/24 – Character interview of Captain Jack Davenport

4/24 – What’s in a Name? Steampunk Before “Steampunk”

4/25 – Steampunk: The First 10 Years

4/25 – Interview with contributor Jeremiah Rickert

4/26 – Steampunk: The Second Decade

4/27 – Steampunk: The Last 10 Years

4/27 – Excerpt by Phoebe Darqueling

4/30 – Review by Victoria L. Szulc

5/1 – Prim & Proper? Not These Steam Age Murderesses by Phoebe Darqueling

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