Steampunk Junkies PowerSource power bank review

Just under a year ago I reviewed the Cryptex USB Flash Drive from Steampunk Junkies. I thought I’d give you readers a little time to fully digest all the exceptional wordsmithery and inclusive critical data. Now, ten days short of the one year anniversary from that review which I expect you’ve ALL read, I’ve turned my attention to the PowerSource power bank.

A power bank is essentially a portable mobile battery for your phone or tablet. It stores power until you need it and then you simply plug your device in when needed. It then mimics a mains connection and adds power.

The PowerSource is a 3000mAh unit which, Steampunk Junkies claim, can charge a fully depleted phone to 100% or give a fair whack of power to a tablet. This can be really handy at steampunk events due to the very nature of our splendid outfits and items that we make for all to see and enjoy. It wouldn’t be cricket if those things weren’t immortalised and cherished via visual recording.

The box that the PowerSource comes in is a light coloured pine looking wood, but could be balsa. I’m not a wood specialist by any margin and don’t know wood by touch alone. However, it’s not unattractive. Though darker wood is normally associated with steampunk and the Victorian-esque build quality that the company is trying to emulate. The side of the box is stamped with some basic technical specifications such as the 800mA input, 1000mA output and 3000 mAh capacity. Interestingly, Steampunk Junkies specify that the PowerSource has a lifecycle of 500 times use. That’s not a specification that can be easily tested, though arguably I’ve had a year to do it. However, even in 12 months, I wouldn’t have been in 500 situations where my phone is dying. Even if I did it on purpose.

In reality that means that even with being used every day, the PowerSource would last you well over a year. In steampunk’s lifetime of event visiting, you could be looking at anywhere up to and including ten years usage. That’s if they go to an event every weekend without fail. In real terms, we’re looking at a device that, even with intensive weekly use, will cost £3 per year if we split the £30 price tag over the life of it.

In the Box

Inside the box you get the PowerSource sat in a cushioned cut out. This is removed to reveal the accessories. They consist of a brown felt like pouch and a brown cable. The latter having a standard USB plug at one end and the option of three plugs at the oppposite end. They are generic plugs for android (though not the latest Samsung USB-C connector) and iPhone. The latter providing two connectors. The Lightning cable for modern iPhone and the older Apple 30 pin for iPad and older iPhones. I know what you’re going to say; the lack of the USB-C connector doesn’t stop you using your own. But should the PowerSource fail from it, it will void the warranty so please be cautious.

The outer design of the PowerSource is where it’s at. Coated in a fatigued brass with a brush effect to give it that weathered look. But it’s a smooth and glossy touch. The repeating diamond and swirl pattern is very sexy to look at and gives it an air of upper class build quality. And it is very well built. The ports are covered by a brass lid that opens via a lever that, when in place, provides pressure to the lid and seals it closed. The lid has a rubberised under side to prevent scratching and to assist with basic weather proofing. That’s not to say that the device is intended to repel water. Should you find yourself on a sinking steamship, chances are it’ll not work, but in some rainfall, it will provide a little protection until you can cover it.

Aligning the lid can be tricky as it sits loosely on a movable hinge bar. It can slide from side to side, so it’s a two handed effort. There are only two ports on the device: the standard USB connection and the Micro-USB. These are for either charging the unit or deploying said charge into your hand held device.

Steampunk Junkies PowerSource review Conclusion

Steampunk Junkies are on the ball when it comes to steampunk design. I love the way they’re styling all their products and along with the previously covered Cryptex USB Flash Drive, the PowerSource wouldn’t look amiss hanging from your belt.

The lifespan of the device is excellent and should last the average steampunk a lifetime. It’s well built and only suffers from the lid being tricky to align with the top of the unit. I did discover that the bottom of the unit unscrews and exposes the battery. This could be to change the battery or even the complete unit. If so, it’s an excellent little gift from the creators as it extends the life of the unit even further.

It’s a beautifully crafted item that would be a great gift for a steampunk who likes to take lots of photographs at events and keeps running out of power. It means that they can stay in the action longer and not have to go and plug in to a socket at the wall. There have been multiple times when this little device could have proved very useful to me on my jaunts covering events. Evening events I shoot on a phone because it handles the dark light better than my DSLR, even with full frame. I reserve the latter for the day. There have been times when my battery has died and I’ve had to plug in and wait or raced back to the hotel to get my charger. This would easily obviate those issues.

For the price, the PowerSource by Steampunk Junkies is a great investment. There’s a multitude of times when I would have found this useful.

The Steampunk Junkies PowerSource power bank costs £29.95 and is available from the Steampunk Junkies website here.

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