A Taste of the Victorian Era: The Worship Street Whistling Stop Bar 

There are pubs and bars all over London, and I visited a special one during my trip in 2015. But with its gin-house vibe and Victorian décor, the Worship Street Whistling Stop will not fail to make an impression. They specialize in old-timey cocktails and new variations of old favorites. The menu alone is worth looking at just for the throwback layout that resembles advertisements from the Queen Victoria days. The drinks are on the more expensive end of the spectrum, so my traveling companion and I only indulged in one before moving on, but my “Solera Evolution” old-fashioned was one of the best cocktails I have EVER had. They use a complex and ever-changing distillation process to create this drink, so it will be different (though I am sure still delicious) no matter when you visit.

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