GDPR is coming and Steampunk Journal is compliant

A recent change in the law about how websites store and use visitors’ identifiable and non-identifiable information comes into force on 25th May 2018.

You may have noticed receiving a lot of emails from companies recently about getting permission to send you emails. That’s because the new law has strict consent rules that means a company has to ask your permission with what they want to do with your details. Even the data that doesn’t identify you as a person.

Steampunk Journal has always maintained a strict ethos of never selling or sharing details of our readers with third parties that would use them for unsolicited contact. We only ever share non-identifiable information with Google Analytics for our own use in improving the site.

If you have ever provided any information to us such as email addresses or any other information, we have emailed you to ask your consent to continue getting in touch with email subscriptions, for example. We will never did use your details to contact you with anything other than what you signed up for. However, GDPR now enforces that as law.

Please check your inbox, spam box and bulk mail for an email from us. Follow the link and update your details. If not, we will be automatically deleting anyone we’ve not heard from as we won’t have their permission to retain their data.

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