Steampunks Pledge Support for Event Organiser

A Splendid Day Out organiser Rob Bracewell
The chap himself, Rob Bracewell

Many UK based steampunks will be familiar with Rob Bracewell from A Splendid Day Out (ASDO). He’s one of the three organisers of ASDO in Morecambe (click this link for the Steampunk Journal report). ASDO has grown to become one of the most talked about and well visited events in the calendar. It proudly and rightly boasts as being the event that “discovered” Victor and The Bully (they weren’t technically lost, more misplaced) and brought them into steampunk’s peripheral vision. The most recent event had steampunk author KW Jeter in attendance. You will all know him as the person who actually coined the name “steampunk”. In 2016 they also headlined The New Jacobin Club who had come over from Canada for a whirlwind week long tour of the UK.

They have a lot to be proud of.

It hasn’t always been easy though, the organisers have had funds cut, hurdles to navigate and problems to overcome. Lesser mortals would have thrown in the towel, but Rob and his partners Rose and Ian Roberts knuckled down, battened down the hatches and weathered the storm to bring ASDO back bigger the following year.

Sadly Rob has suffered more with his health recently. He’s been in and out of hospital several times over the past few weeks. As such it’s been impossible to maintain his home and garden and remain safe for him and his dogs.

Rose’s daughter Kimi has set up a GoFundMe page to raise £1500. She wants to hire skips and a cleaning company to come and make it suitable for them to live in comfortably. She’s unsure if the funds raised will cover the entire cost, but she wants to start somewhere. Amazingly in just six days, friends and family have raised just under £1000 of the £1500 target. So we need a big push to get it moving again!

Deathbed Confessions is the first album from Victor & The Bully
A Splendid Day Out arguably “discovered” Victor and The Bully

Steampunk Journal have already pledged our support after spending a wonderful summer of 2016 there. I managed to meet Matt and Harry from VaTB as well as the entire New Jacobin Club line up! It was a memorable weekend. Have you been to A Splendid Day Out and enjoyed your time there? It wouldn’t have been possible without the sweat and blood of Rob, Rose and Ian.

Remember that the next A Splendid Day Out is October 12th to the 14th. Follow their Facebook page for more information.

New Jacobin Club featured at the 2016 A Splendid Day Out

In this current global climate of bad news, misery and despair, let’s all do something nice for someone who truly deserves it. Please click the logo below and follow the link. Read Kimi’s message. Rob is a terribly proud person and so please don’t contact him directly about this.

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