Frankenstein Chronicles Season 1 Review

What is The Frankenstein Chronicles About?

As the name suggests, this show borrows from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for inspiration. In execution, it’s more like a Regency era crime procedural. Sean Bean plays a copper on the hunt for a serial killer long before the world met Jack the Ripper. The story starts when he finds the corpse of a child made up from parts of many different people, and takes him down a dark and dangerous path.

What I Thought of The Frankenstein Chronicles

I thoroughly enjoyed Season 1, which is made up of 6 episodes. I love a good mystery, especially a period one. Plus, throw in the macabre and gothic and I’m hooked. I liked how the writers acknowledge Frankenstein as a book in the world of their show, and Mary Shelley is even consulted when it looks like the killer is drawing inspiration from her work. So, this isn’t a retelling by any means, but a new mystery series set with reality as its backdrop. I also liked how the presence of disease and poverty of the era are not just part of the plot, they are central to it. I can’t wait to see Season 2!

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