A Taste of Victoriana: Kensington Gardens 

Originally, the Kensington Gardens were part of the grounds of the Kensington Palace. You may know it as the birthplace of Queen Victoria. During her reign, Albert commissioned the lovely Italian Gardens as a gift to his beloved. Work was completed in 1860.

Albert was an avid gardener. He loved the Italian-style water garden composed of ponds, terraces and raised beds along a geometric plan. This is one of many enduring signs of affection between the monarchs.

This relaxing site sits on the Long Water, a river that runs into The Serpentine lake.  So, it is a nice place to spot birds and enjoy native water plants, such as water lilies. After Albert’s death, Victoria had the Albert Memorial built on the south side of the Kensington Gardens. Luckily for us, the numerous fountains, urns, and statues were restored in 2011. These photos come from a trip I took in 2015. 

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