Report from the Big River Steampunk Festival: Part 1 (Friday and Saturday)

Big River Steampunk Celebrates Its Fifth Year in Grand Style

A little rain, steamy summertime temperatures, and oppressive humidity didn’t stop steampunks from attending the Big River Steampunk Festival in Hannibal, Missouri, USA.

Friday Kicked Off with a Boom…

…of a little thunder, as a small storm passed through Hannibal during the early evening hours of August 31st. Most vendors completed their setups on the Midway as rain rolled in, and as early arriving guests headed for the 2nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Fermented Alchemy. The Alchemy was a “spirited” event of wine and beer tastings under the big top near Air Ship Village.

Hannibal was ready to be splendid, with trains, riverboats, and plenty of history on display.

Steamy Saturday

Early morning rains cleared just in time for the Festival’s 10 a.m. opening parade down Main St. Shortly afterwards, Main Street was bustling with contests, cosplayers, airships, and entertainment all weekend long:


So Much To Do and See

Eva La Feva shared her makeup, styling, and burlesque basics to attentive ladies. A wedding was held on the main stage. Soon after, the Fashion Show and Iced Tea Social at Airship Village was a smashing success, with participating vendors providing the wondrous wares. Steampunk supermodel Amy Wilder played the haute couture bride by ending the show wearing a vintage wedding gown, steampunk mask, and accessories from The Countess.

After the Fashion Show, I had the pleasure of chatting with some of the Festival’s fantastic guests/entertainers. I had a chance to do interviews with Doc Phineas, Amy Wilder, and Thomas Dean Willeford. (Videos of the interviews to follow!)

The vendors did not disappoint. Returning clothiers q.phia, Ravenworks, and The Artfixer offered amazing pieces.

That’s all the goodness I can squeeze into Part 1, but come back for Part 2 to find out about Sunday and Monday’s antics!

Special thanks to photographers John Frey and Brandi Jaquet for their amazing visual talents. Due to the immense amount of activities and performances, not all participants could be credited. If you see yourself in a photo with a credit, please leave us a comment so we can update the descriptions. Thank you to all who organized and attended the festival!


Victoria L. Szulc, The Countess, is a multi-media Steampunk artist/writer working on her fourth Steampunk novel, “Lafayette to London” and many other steampunk pieces. You can follow her works at

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