Call for Short Story Submissions for Ghosts of the War Collection

Scribophile Seeking “Ghosts of the War” Submissions

The hundredth anniversary of the end of the Great War (later to be revealed as only World War I) is approaching, so I’m calling for Ghosts of the War. The deadline is November 1, and results will be published (and tweeted) in time for Armistice Day (which this year also falls on Remembrance Sunday).

This doesn’t have to be a Western-centric Anthem for Doomed Youth (although it can be, if you want to try to pull that off); in fact, this contest is asking for the stories and histories which were killed off in and by the conflict.

Although this is not an explicitly steampunk contest, given that steampunk often arises out of these killed-off opportunities, I know you all are adept at navigating the boundaries of past and present, and of history and alt-history, and I thank Steampunk Journal for kindly publicising my call for submissions.

Prizes and Deadlines

First prize $100, second prize $75, third prize $50 (paid by PayPal).
Deadline: November 1, 2018.
Results announced before November 11 (in time for Armistice Day, which is also Remembrance Sunday this year).

As the prizes are sponsored by the Scribophile Writing Contest Prize Fund, you will need to sign up to to enter, but you are welcome to use the “Basic” (free) membership option. You will also need to offer some feedback to other writers in order to earn the 5 “karma points” to post your own work and 1 extra to enter the competition (premium members don’t pay to enter competitions); however, all feedback has networking value, so you will hopefully gain some feedback on your own work in this way. Critiquing work in a “spotlight” will earn you approximately 1 karma point per 125 word critique.

The theme is Ghosts of the War, on the grounds that the deadline is November 1 (with results in time for November 11, and because:

* November 2018 marks one hundred years since the end of the Great War. Not only can the War be said to have created many ghosts of the “normal” sort, above all, it was a schism in history, and made ghosts out of empires, possible futures, histories and ideals.
* This contest, therefore, is about lives (real and fictional) cut short, possibilities cut short, possibilities still-born. What else died? Ideals, cross-border friendships, social values such as deference and restraint. Populations, too… whole villages were cleared out.

In your story, your “ghosts” do not need to be aware of their own demise, but the reader must realize what has been lost, or what the alternative “gain” was. Colonial and anti-colonial (and other non-Western) histories are welcome.

Stories may be up to 3,000 words, but flash is acceptable, too.

Prize money for this contest is provided by the Scribophile Writing Contest Prize Fund.

If you are a member of Scribophile, you can go straight to the contest page at:
If not, you are welcome to join as a “Basic” member.

The entries that I receive will be anonymised before I get them, so I shall be judging blind, with a co-judge. I shall post in the Steampunk Journal Facebook group, where you will be welcome to ask questions in the comments. Best of luck!

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