Captain Fawcett’s Barbarism Moustache Wax Review

Captain Fawcett’s Gentleman’s Emporium is based in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. The Facebook page has an amusing tale of how the original Captain Fawcett was lost on an adventure in the Congo, yet his journals and recipes for self grooming products was found in an old chest in a house clearance sale in the UK. Whether it’s true or not is left to your imagination, but there’s a degree of romance in the story, so I’m happy to leave it be.

I picked up a 15ml 0.5fl oz tin of Barberism wax from the Weekend at The Asylum steampunk event in Lincoln. Barberism is part of the Signature Series from the company and has been made in collusion with Sid Sottung; the Barbering Academy. The Barberism Series has a range of products available including Beard oil, balm and pre-shave oil. However, it’s the moustache wax that we’re reviewing today.

The wax melts evenly with little to no clumping


The wax comes in an aluminium tin which sports a screw top lid. The label is attractively designed in a vintage fashion with a gentleman boasting a splendid moustache in the centre. It’s a paraffin based product as opposed to beeswax that start up companies tend to opt for. It seems though, that the preference of not using beeswax makes for a much more malleable wax. It has the consistency of dense clay in the pot.

The wax works nicely through the moustache. Small amounts of clumps can be seen but these can be smoothed out

It melts nicely when warming it up on my finger and thumb and spreads evenly through my moustache. After a quick comb, there are traces of clumping wax, though very small. These can be blended away with a thumb. Or combed out and wiped off the comb after.

The aroma of the wax is interesting. It exudes a hearty musk that can only really be described as manliness. If there wasn’t a scent called Booze & Baccy, I’d suggest that this was it. According to the website, there are top notes of Orange and Lime, mid notes of Galbanum and base notes of Cedarwood, Patchouli and Musk. Certainly the citrus isn’t overwhelming, but the blend of these makes for a distinct gritty and earthy smell that lasts all day.

Captain Fawcett Barberism Moustache Wax Conclusion

I work all day and have an opportunity in the morning to apply wax and then rarely have any time to reapply. I think it’s a great test of it’s strength and hold to see if it manages to keep throughout the day. 95% of the time Barberism does hold. I won’t include restyling as that can be needed simply due to eating and talking etc. There were very few occasions where I had to add extra wax to keep the bristles from separating.

Despite this, I consider Barberism to be a very capable wax. It’s obviously very well made and seems to be a much bigger company than I previously thought. When I spoke to the young girl in the Castle grounds at Asylum, it was at a small tent and seemed to be an independent company. But they have such a huge range of products and they tend to ally themselves with industry professionals. I’m now tempted to buy a comb.

Captain Fawcett’s Barberism Series Moustache Wax costs £11 and is available from this link here: Captain Fawcett’s Barberism Moustache Wax

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