Gaslight Expo and Maker Faire San Diego Event Report – Guest Post by Janet Ehli Fairchild

The weekend of October 6-7 was fun and fascinating in San Diego! It was the annual Gaslight Expo, the largest Steampunk event in Southern California. Maker Faire, San Diego was another fabulous event drawing large crowds.

The Gaslight Expo

Gaslight Expo is a three day event featuring speakers, programs, and workshops. One of my favorites was a costume designing lecture, featuring Dawn Devine. Not only did she provide valuable information on the steps needed before tackling a project, but she did so with a lot of humor.

Being a Disney fanatic, I also loved having a chance to see Scott Brodeen. He designed and built the 11’ model of the Nautilus for the movie “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”. He has since provided Nautilus models for museums, companies, and private collectors. Also part of the presentation was Mary Claypool, ADR, (Automated Dialog Replacement) script writer for movies and games.

There were workshops, including “Dressing up a Steampunk Scooter” by Fred and Terry Harp. They’ve been wowing the San Diego Steampunk community for quite some time with their amazing scooter creations.

Teapot racing was the hot competition! Spread out over the entire three days of the Expo, the excitement built throughout the weekend.


The Maker Faire

The Maker Faire was held at San Diego’s Balboa Park. The Faire encompassed 12 of the museums in the park, including the future Comic Con Museum. The Automotive Museum featured Steampunk as their theme, with a wide variety of steampunk vehicles. While the Comic Con museum isn’t open yet, there was a fun area devoted to Steampunk Makers.

I believe the biggest hit with the kids was the Stomp Rocket area, where kids could put together their own rockets and send them flying. I heard several kids throughout the Faire excitedly talking about making their own rocket and watching it fly!

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