Captain Of The Lost Waves Second Album Seeks Funding

Captain of the Lost Waves
Captain of the Lost Waves. Copyright Neal Rylatt, used with permission

Our darling Captain of The Lost Waves. A relative newcomer to the steampunk scene yet it’s difficult to remember a time before he graced our stages. Such is his presence, talent and thesaurus-like dialect. You will all be familiar with his first album which we reviewed here in January 2018. Hidden Gems is such a wonderful journey through the mind of the Captain that I had to give an Editor’s Choice.

But now we look to the future. Like Augustus Gloop, the Captain has his new project well and truly stuffed in the pipeline. But he wants to ensure it’s the best it can possibly be. So he’s called on you, the UK steampunk community – whom he has served and entertained relentlessly – for your help. As I hoped for (I’m going to also add “predicted” to make myself look knowledgeable) in the first review, the new album is titled Hidden Gems Chapter II. 

Captain of the Perks

On the crowdfunding page, the Captain has a personal message for you, rich in subtle humour, yet with his obvious love for all humans, not just the ones that follow him. The perks are incredible from badges, downloads and a signed CDs to songs written for you and even private performances. He’s doing a stellar job already as he’s raised over 40% of the funds with still two months to go. But get in there and help out all you can.

One of the many things I love about this job is that you’re privy to some of the most exciting news ahead of general release. In this case, I have been generously allowed to see the music video to Uniforms. It’s a wonderful affair full of performance, dramatic light and excellent acting by all the participants. The song is somewhat darker in tone to his previous uplifting, carefree and spiritual offerings. As with all Captain songs it conveys an important message.  I’d love to say more about it, but it’s currently a closely guarded secret.

Get over to the Captain’s Table where he’s waiting for your help.

This is the Indiegogo funding site: Hidden Gems Chapter II Funding Page

If you’re not already, you can follow the Captain on his Facebook page here: Captain of the Lost Waves Facebook page

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