Iron Harvest Dieselpunk Game Finds A Publisher

Recently my News Alerts sent me a couple of interesting updates. This article from PC Gamer is entitled “Steampunk WW1 RTS Iron Harvest has been pinked up by Deep Silver” while this article in Niche Gamer is titled “Deep Silver Will Publish Dieselpunk RTS Iron Harvest”.

Both articles cover the same press release from KING Art Games. They recently announced that after talks with several publishers, they’ve gone ahead and joined forces with Deep Silver.

Publisher Announced

The publishing giant is known for popular releases such as the Metro, Saint’s Row and Dead Island series. KING Art will retain full creative control over the game. Deep Silver will focus on areas such as production and first party relations leaving KING Art to devote themselves entirely to working on the game.

Iron Harvest is a sandbox game. That means that there’s no one particular way to complete each level. You’re given a problem and a number of tools and you have to work it out yourself.

Dieselpunk artwork

The Iron Harvest dieselpunk game takes place in the world of 1920+, which is the brain child of Polish artist Jakub Różalski. The game features artwork and machinery from the styling of the artist. It takes place between WW1 and WW2 with three factions fighting for supremacy. This isn’t a game where getting the strongest unit is the surest way to victory. Experienced soldiers, strategy and use of surroundings all factor in. Everything is destructible, so cover doesn’t last forever.

If the game lives up to the hype, then it will be truly glorious which, KING Art say, relives the old-school strategy games. It will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

1920+ alternate world

Using the 1920+ alternate world places the Iron Harvest dieselpunk game very much in the Dieselpunk genre. It’s a shame that PC Gamer got that wrong as it shows an ignorance of design aesthetics with no desire to research these things. Or it suggests they’re more keen on using popular buzz words.

Iron Harvest dieselpunk game
Iron Harvest soldier line up

I’m personally going to keep a look out for this, because the artwork of Jakub Różalski has been something I’ve followed for some years now. So to immerse myself in a world of his gargantuan mecha tanks will be marvellous.

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