Gallowwalkers Movie Review

The first part of my new book, No Rest for the Wicked, takes place in the Old West. With the excitement of launch day, it got me hankering for some other “weird west” and freaky tales of the frontier. 

This led me to today’s film, Gallowwalkers. In a dusty, backwater recess, the dead just refuse to stay dead; at least, the ones killed by the mysterious gunman, Aman (Wesley Snipes). Now, they are back and looking for revenge, and they’ve found out who he is and where he lives. With the help of a hired gun (Riley Smith), he must protect what remains of his family from the terrible fiends and live to ride another day.

But Aman isn’t the only one with a family. The ringleader of the dead (Kevin Riley) has a son who refuses to rise, and he needs a temple hidden in the desert to bring him back. And Aman will do anything to stop him.


What I Thought of Gallowwalkers

Though it’s not much of a stretch to call this movie “Blade in the old West,” it wouldn’t live up to its namesake. The story was disjointed and a bit hard to follow, plus pretty gory to boot. The flesh of the undead continues to rot, so they have to find new faces and victims to skin on a regular basis. The only way to kill them is to rip the spine from the body or obliterate the head. So, you can imagine, there’s quite a bit of blood.

I’ll hand it to them, this was an interesting premise with some scary villains, but I wouldn’t call it “good” by any stretch. It seemed to be working up to a big climax with the temple, but the writers just forgot all about it when it came time for something cool to happen. For me, the biggest reason to watch it is for Snipes’ badass dreadlocks. But no matter how awesome he looks as a cowboy, I wouldn’t say it’s worth the 90 minutes of meh.


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