Hooray Beret by Frenchy and The Punk review

With the exciting release of Frenchy and The Punk’s new album, Steampunk Journal managed to get our hands on a preview copy. Now available on general release, here’s a review of what you can expect.

Frenchy and the Punk
Frenchy & The Punk

Frenchy and The Punk are no strangers to the steampunk subculture. Look at the multitude of threads on any Facebook music page and they’re always mentioned. This kind of popularity in steampunk and other cultures has kept them constantly busy. Even trying to secure a press copy of their new album was stretched out due to them rushing off to gigs and emailing me in between.

I’ve been listening to the album ever since. The ten tracker offers a number of different sounds but opens with the swinging “Wah”. It seems to be about self discovery with the opening line “Been living outside myself all my life” and the rest of the words are about staying inside with the curtains closed. As though wanting to remove oneself from all contact from the outside world.

A band that celebrates their French ancestry wouldn’t be the same without some reference to France. And the second track Je T’Aime Paris does just that. It’s a bouncy number and this reflects many other songs on the albums play list. Songs such as Birds and Bees, Sing and the title track Hooray Beret are all head bobbing songs ion their own right. There are slower and more reflective songs such as Fastball – although it does build up after the slow intro to each verse.


The great thing about Frenchy and the Punk is not just that their music is so instantly likeable. But also that it fits extremely well into the steampunk culture. Not through the lyrics necessarily, but more that listening to the album, their style is similar to bands that you would hear at multi band gigs or intimate events. It has that cosy, close feeling that allows you to connect with the band. Yet the production quality is second to none and gives away their obvious talent. Frenchy has a wonderful and powerful voice that sounds just as good belting out choruses for Wanna Know You as it does story telling in Wah. It wouldn’t be the first time she’s been described as reminiscent to Siouxsie Sioux. And it can be heard all through the album.

You can purchase Hooray Beret straight from the band for however much you feel. There’s a recommended minimum of $15 (approx £11.50) which seems very reasonable. You can buy it from the Frenchy and The Punk website. Simply click on the following link: Frenchy and The Punk website

We worked with Frenchy and The Punk to give you early access to the signature track Hooray Beret by signing up to our $3 tier on Patreon. If you didn’t sign up, you lost out as the song is coming down today. Hopefully we can work with the duo again in the future.

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