Professor Elemental Releases New Diss Track

And it’s amazing!

Professor Elemental diss track Merciless: Last year the Iron Boot Scrapers released a song called Cable Street. There was so much wrong with the song and I tried to cover some of it here while discussing politics in steampunk.

professor elemental diss track merciless

The biggest faux pas about the song is that it labels Antifa as thugs and compares them to the brown shirt fascists who started the fight at Cable Street. To be clear, the song is saying that Antifa – who literally fight fascism (their name is a contraction of Anti-Fascist if you weren’t aware) are the same as the brown shirts who were actual fascists. The irony is stifling. The real Antifa at that time were the residents of Cable Street who placed barriers and fought the brown shirts of the BUF. But for some reason that’s not indicated in the song.

The Professor’s Target

The lead singer of the Iron Boot Scrapers (IBS) has previously called for the abolition of the NHS. He’s the main target of Professor Elemental’s new diss track Merciless. The Prof received a leaflet through his door which was a local election leaflet for UKIP. In 2016, the United Kingdom Independence Party, fronted by Nigel Farage at the time, were instrumental in the delivery of the people’s vote to leave the European Union. Their half-hearted work as MEPs (while still taking the full salary) and constant belittling of the EU convinced enough people that the UK should vote the leave. Ironically, the vote was called because the then Tory prime minister David Cameron wanted to steal a few thousand UKIP votes for the Conservatives.

The local councillor looking to get voted in for the area is none other than IBS lead singer Ian Harris. This annoyed the Prof somewhat and he decided to release Merciless which you can listen to by going to Soundcloud: Professor Elemental Diss Track on Soundcloud

Short but sweet

The song is only 1min 21sec long but delivers blows at every line. Arguably the most prominent line is “but anti-antifa that’s a tragic vision, all you’re left with is a fascist”. What I find interesting is that when the Prof wrote his diss track to Mr B, he ended it with some subtle humour which dulled the attack to a degree. This has nothing of the sort. It gets the message across and then stops.

Hopefully it will be heard by the right people and they will understand that a view that is so right wing can lead to oppression and that isn’t what steampunk is about.

3 thoughts on “Professor Elemental Releases New Diss Track

    1. You’re right Harry, thanks. I was referencing the past in that sentence as it was about the referendum in 2016. I’ll rephrase it to make it clearer. 🙂

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