Steampunk Authors at Penned Con 2019

Hello Lovelies!

I have returned to writing for the Journal after an absence due to formatting changes and book releases. So in playing catch up…

This past fall I was delighted to meet several fellow steampunk authors at Penned Con 2019 here in my hometown of St. Louis. Penned Con is an author’s and readers convention that supports Action for Autism.

I was able to chat and interview a few. Please view for some interesting authors and possible reads:

Thank you, as always, to the steampunk community for supporting indie authors and artists.


Victoria L. Szulc is a multi-media steampunk/science fiction/fantasy artist/writer who is working on her seventh and eighth steampunk novels, and various other projects. Her latest, “A Dream of Emerald Skies” is available on Amazon world wide. Victoria was selected in a people’s choice author category for St. Louis Magazine’s 2019 “A-List”. You can follow her works at

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