St. Louis Steampunk 5

Hello Lovelies:

Last week I was honored to juror and attend a brilliant steampunk art show, St. Louis Steampunk 5, in the fabulous historic Soulard neighborhood of St. Louis, MO, USA. The show was curated by resident artists Garrett Roberts and Rich Brooks.

Soulard Art Gallery has been hosting this popular show for five years and it is just more splendid with each show!

A complete video of the gallery, works in the show, and interviews with some of the artists is here:

Award recipients and a thank you from the gallery is here:

If you’re in the St. Louis, I highly recommend you stop by for a peek at some creative and unique pieces. More information is here:

As always, thank you for reading,

-Victoria L. Szulc, The Countess


Victoria L. Szulc is a multi-media Steampunk/Science Fiction/Fantasy artist/writer working her seventh and eight Steampunk novels and various other projects. Her latest,
“A Dream of Emerald Skies”, is available on Amazon worldwide. In 2019, Victoria made St. Louis Magazine’s A-List in the People’s Choice Author category and won a Stephen Memorial Award for her illustrations in “Cecilia’s Tail” by Debbie Manber Kupfer. You can follow her works at