Counting Down Family-Friendly Steampunk Movies: The Adventurer: Curse of the Midas Box (2013)

Though I am sure many of you had already heard of both The Golden Compass and The City of Ember movies, I bet a lot fewer of you knew about this little gem.


What is The Adventurer: Curse of the Midas Box About?

The story centers on brothers Felix and Mariah Mundi who are the sons of well-respected archaeologists…or so they think. One fateful day, a delightful rogue named Will Charity (Martin Sheen of Good Omens and The Twilight Saga fame) comes to the museum trailed by the henchmen of Otto Luger (Sam Neill), a man hellbent on discovering the location of mysterious object: The Midas Box. The Mundi parents know the location, and the boys have to go on the run to avoid becoming pawns in this dangerous game. When Felix is captured, Mariah has no choice but to risk everything and go undercover at Luger’s hotel to find the box before the nefarious man and his associate (Lena Headey) get their hands on the artifact. During his time at the hotel, he becomes the assistant to a strange magician, but the magic of the box turns out not only to be more than myth, but far more powerful than anyone thought.

This movie is based on a book called Mariah Mundi: The Midas Box, and is the first in a trilogy all about Mariah’s adventures. So if you are looking for a Steampunk-y YA book series, check out this one by G.P. Taylor. I have not read them yet, so I can’t speak to how closely the movie follows the book, but they sound like a good time.

What I Thought of The Adventurer 

The style and settings of this film is enough to make any Steampunk fan swoon. The costumes are great and the roles are all well cast. Young actors can be really hit or miss, but I thought Anuerin Barnard did a great job. He has a very Elijah Wood-ishness about him.

Despite the great acting line-up, there definitely were some less than stellar moments in the script. I don’t know if some of the plot points were added by the movie-makers or came from the original text, but there was some leaps in logic that didn’t always flow. So, I wouldn’t say this is a great movie, but it is definitely solid. And more importantly, it’s a fun way to share Steampunk with your kids while you are all cooped up during quarantine. It ends with a real big “Oh dag!” kind of moment that was clearly setting it up for sequels, but alas, this is the only book in the series that has been adapted so far. (There is an IMDB entry for Mariah Mundi and the Tablets of Destiny, but no additional information.)

Here’s the trailer if you want a little taste of what’s to come.

What do you think? Have you seen the movie or read the books? Got any other suggestions for good family friendly Steampunk movies? Leave us a comment!

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