A Review of the Latest from Thomas B. Wild, Esq., “A Quiet Night In”

Hello Lovelies:

Thomas B. Wild, Esq. has recently released his follow-up to “Awkward Encounters While Walking my Dog”, which included the viral “I’ve No More Fucks To Give”, with the charming “A Quiet Night In”.

Like its predecessor, “Quiet” skewers it’s song subjects with a deliciously droll tone via vintage sounds.

“Pants Drunk” kicks off the album with a rousing anthem for staying in. Its vaudevillian swing is the right soundtrack for quarantine for Covid-19. Cocktail anyone?

The next track, “Could You Really Not Just Put This in an Email” is an ode to those mundane meetings that could’ve been comfortably cleared-up in a few short sentences. The line “for f*cks sake, just put this in an email” made me guffaw aloud at its truthfulness.

“Oh, Social Media” is a crisp commentary on how really very silly the current state of social media is in, while “I Called Someone to Fix It” bemoans the madness of home repair, and “RIP” is a tender sounding, yet, witty ditty on “random celebrity” grieving.

A personal favorite is the track “Just One Day More” in which Wild implores the need for another day away from the grind and the horrors of Sunday eve regret. I truly felt the lyrics of “counting down to impending doom” and “the desire to f*ck it off and run”. Who doesn’t feel this way after a relaxing couple days off?

“Stop Being an Arsehole” has all the elements of a town square festival complete with a community marching band. Flutes and drums politely tell off the rude ones with sing along choruses of “Okay!”. John Philip Sousa would be proud.

The album closes with the heavenly sounding choir intro of “Smile and Nod”. This song describes the real crisis of Christmas we all feel due to commercialization and time honored traditions. I too feel a bit slighted when my pub is “overrun by Christmas drinkers who need a good punch in the face” during the holidays.

“Quiet” is filled with hilarious twisted lyrics we’d all like to sing while getting pants drunk. I give it five out of five stars.

Just a quick side note, many songs are sprinkled with adult language and are not suitable for young ears. However, it is the perfect accompaniment for an invite to “come up and see me some time” and not getting out of one’s pajamas for the evening.


You can purchase Thomas B. Wild’s works and some dandy merch on his website:


Victoria L. Szulc is a multi-media Steampunk/Science Fiction/Fantasy artist/writer working her on seventh and eighth Steampunk novels and various other projects. Her latest,
“A Dream of Emerald Skies”, is available on Amazon and will be re-released worldwide late 2020. In 2019, Victoria made St. Louis Magazine’s A-List in the People’s Choice Author category and won a Stephen Memorial Award for her illustrations in “Cecilia’s Tail” by Debbie Manber Kupfer. You can follow her works at mysteampunkproject.wordpress.com

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