A Review of “The Age of Elegance” EP from Alice’s Night Circus

Hello Lovelies:

While working on new projects and rebranding from Alice’s Night Circus to Alice Strange, Alice has put together a tasty EP with a new song, two reimaginings from “Metamorphose” her previous CD, and a cover originally done by Victor and the Bully.

The EP opens with the title track, a heavy musical nod to French and German cabaret, “A show that you just can’t catch anywhere.” Rocking guitars and flamenco tinged sounds encourage “the delicious and unique”. The result is a thumping romp that could call many to the dance floor.

“Stand Up (2020)” opens with uplifting organs. Alice’s light and sweet voice comes in like a reassuring breeze after a restless night, in this more subtle version of the original. The pleading chorus of “Stand Up! Stand Up!” encourages those going through their darkest times to get going onto a better life. Lyrics like “The star is always brighter in the dark” and “your resurrection is complete” reveal Alice’s kind and ethereal, yet strong side.

The third track “Illuminate (A Night at the Opera)” is a tad more dramatic than the original. Operatic calls echo throughout the song giving it a lush theatrical twist. Again the calls to “Rise Up!” and “Illuminate!” and lines like “shake off the dust” drive the listener to better times ahead.

“Am I”, a remake from Victor and the Bully, is tinged with tambourine and hints of spaghetti western sounds. The writer questions, as we all do, where and who we are, yet a knowing that “I’ll trip and fall but I’ll make it.” Chants of “Hey, oh!” give it another push, a heave ho, to keep on moving.

“Elegance” is an overwhelmingly positive piece at a time when modern society desperately needs a good word or two. I give elegance five out of five stars. I would highly recommend giving Alice’s “Metamorphose” a listen as well.

The Journal’s interview with Alice is here:


You can find out more about Alice here:

Website        –    https://www.alicesnightcircus.com/
Youtube        _    https://www.youtube.com/c/alicestrange

Instagram    –    https://www.instagram.com/alicestrangeofficial/

Ko-fi    –    https://ko-fi.com/alicestrange


Victoria L. Szulc is a multi-media Steampunk/Science Fiction/Fantasy artist/writer working her on seventh and eighth Steampunk novels and various other projects. Her latest,
“A Dream of Emerald Skies”, is available on Amazon and will be re-released worldwide late 2020. In 2019, Victoria made St. Louis Magazine’s A-List in the People’s Choice Author category and won a Stephen Memorial Award for her illustrations in “Cecilia’s Tail” by Debbie Manber Kupfer. You can follow her works at mysteampunkproject.wordpress.com

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