Steampunk on Kickstarter: September 2020 Edition

Greetings Steampunk lovers!

I’m starting a monthly spotlight on Steampunk themed projects on Kickstarter, and occasionally I’ll also include other fun projects that fall into one of the other punk sub-genres, too. Let’s see what’s on tap for September.


Fairy Tales Punk’d: An Illustrated Mythpunk Anthology

Steampunk, Dieselpunk, and Cyberpunk – oh my! If you like fractured fables and mythic mash-ups, you’ll love this collection of tales. There is one illustration to accompany each of the 13 stories, and the book is available in both e-book and print. The illustrators include J. Woolston Carr, Audra Miller, Nathan Lueth (Impure Blood), and Tom Brown (Hopeless, Maine).

There are additional rewards that include extra stories and artwork by contributors, books by Phoebe Darqueling, and a really fun 1.25″ ‘fairypunk’ pin. 

Check out the campaign page for descriptions of each of the stories and see a few of the illustrations. Backers will also get to see all of the illustrations before the book is published. Campaign ends Oct 18.

The WEE Little Adventures of Shabu and Chow book series

From the page: “The WEE Little Adventures of Shabu and Chow series is about curiosity and exploration mixed with a healthy bit of inventiveness and imagination–some elements that we believe should be included in a child’s library. Plus, we hope that parents will enjoy the books too. We know that some books can be less than, eh em “interesting” to read to their kids. So, parents, we were thinking of you as well.”

Check out the campaign page to see full pages from the books and learn more about the rewards. I backed the campaign so I could send these darling books to my nephew. I bet you’ve got a tiny Steampunk in your life who would love them, too! Campaign ends Oct 15.



NESTRE – Steampunk pendants from watch movements

From the page: “My name is Ernoldas,  I’m from Lithuania and creating steampunk  jewellery made by hand using old wrist and pocket watch movements &  parts. Jewelry making is my hobby, which started in 2013. I  enjoy creating new items from old  watch parts or movements and bring  back them to life as a Steampunk  jewelry. This is my 6th Kickstarter project, and this time I would like you to introduce the Pendant which is made from old watch movement in stainless steel frame, covered with clear resin and hang on the leather cord.”

One thing that is super cool about this project is that you get to decide between 240 different combinations of watch face, frame, and cord. So you can get one to match ANY Steampunk outfit! Campaign ends Sept 30.

Visit the campaign page for more info. 




S.O.L Search of Light

From the page: “Engaging tower-defense mechanic in combination to village management

SOL brings into the video game scenery  an innovative genre that combines the resource management and tower defense in an unique way. The progression during the gameplay creates an immersive experience for the player, who will be discovering the story behind the platform world where SOL is set up.

  • Get involved with aninnovative mechanic that combines resource management and narrative with a steampunk / dark fantasy style
  • Explore the unique underground environment decorated by gems, orbs and light particles in a 3D side-scroller experience.
  •  Walk, run, collect gems and ancient items to improve your village until it’s unbreakable.
  •  Defeat the enemies that will attack during the night cycle. Overcome every difficulty and progress in the adventure.
  •  Discover unbelievable the truth that’s hidden on the surface.”

If funded, this game will be available on a variety of gaming platforms including Xbox One and PS4. Visit the campaign page to download the demo and get more info about the game.

Titanholm – Steampunk RPG (OGL)

From the page: “Titanholm is a role-playing game designed to use the 5th edition Open Source License for the gaming mechanics, which makes the game familiar but different. The world showcases a hybrid of science and magic with new character options beyond standards. The introduction of technology offers a unique opportunity to add new blaster weapons, powered armor suits, and gear. Instead of mounts, this world has motorcycles and dune buggies. The Fortune’s Coast area offers and exciting adventure in a lawless land ruled by warring factions of pirates. Their ships can convert to dirigibles and take the skies.”

The campaign offers both digital and physical versions of the game, and a hugely in-depth description of the world and game mechanics. Visit the campaign page. Campaign ends Oct 1.


Time is Magic Animated Playing Cards

From the page: “I have always wanted to design a ‘normal deck of cards’. Sure, I have designed special decks for magicians, but I always wanted to design a deck that can be used every day as a normal deck, for card players and magicians alike. This has always been a bucket list thing for me.

When thinking about a theme for my cards, time was something that really resonated with me. Time is indeed MAGIC.”

In addition to the beautiful playing cards, he also has a variety of other rewards such as clocks and flasks that any Steampunk fan would adore. Campaign ends Sept. 27. Visit the campaign. 


From the page: “ARISTO STEAMPUNK PLAYING CARDS is an extraordinary project. A unique fantasy version of nineteenth century Victorian England imbued with today’s technology, resulting devices and contraptions that seem to have sprung from the mind of a mad twenty-first century scientist.

…Iconic imagery and lots of metal detailing, luxury colors for 54 playing cards of steampunk art: they are mesmerizing, they are inspiring, and they could be a little dark sometimes. But no matter how violent or industrial you see these pieces to be, the ingenuity and creativity that lies behind them are just as inspiring as any other piece of art.”

Visit the campaign page for more images of this beautiful and informative deck of cards. Campaign ends Oct 18.

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