Check Out the “Never Ready” Music Video from The BlueStocking

From Kat Soloviev: This song is about a depressive state that’s very difficult to get out of. It entangles you like a quagmire and holds you at the bottom of the swamp. You get used to it and even begin to treat it with a certain tenderness, considering it an integral part of yourself. And even if you’re doing well now, you never know what will trigger another “dive” to the bottom of this swamp. But also you never really know what can get you out from this underbelly. The main thing is to remember (or at least try to remember) is that it’s possible to get out.⠀

The song was released on February 11th for a reason – it’s the birthday of Alexei Mikheev, the father of Kira, our leading lady. He passed away suddenly in October. He was a fierce supporter of the band and we miss him greatly.

About the band

The BlueStocking is a Moscow-based quintet of three gals and two gentlemen who take their name from an 18th century term for educated, critically-thinking women – absolute outcasts at the time.

Our music is often described as “a soundtrack for a movie Tim Burton is yet to make”. Some of our favourite reviews said: “If Terry Gilliam reimagined “Cabaret”, The Bluestocking would be the house band”, “theatrical to the bone” and “If Joan Jett ran a cabaret salon, this would be it”.

Our distinctive style is characterised by powerfully emotional vocals, expressive piano passages, a solid guitar flow, a smooth’n’sharp female rhythm section and masterful saxophone shenanigans. The music we create is a mix of powerful alt rock with post punk undertones and a tinge of dark cabaret.

The BlueStocking released their debut album on May 1st, 2020. It’s called “Algedonic”, which means “pertaining to both pleasure and pain”. You can listen to it here:

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