Steampunk on Kickstarter Apr/May 2021

Ending Soon

NESTRE — Steampunk Jewelry From Recycled Watch Movements

Unique Steampunk Jewelry made by hand using old wrist and pocket watch movements & parts. Cufflinks, Earrings, Rings, Pendants etc.

Ends April 28

Lots of Comics!


Steampunk, comics, medieval fantasy, and METAL all collide in: Heirs Of Isildur vs Tales From Nocturnia. This campaign brings both universes into the metal music world, and lets them duke it out with 5 songs each on an album that will be available as MP3s, on CD, and on collectible colored vinyl!  

The campaign also centers around the special edition comic Heirs of Isildur: Nightmare Scenario (now 28 pages because of STRETCH GOALS!), which will answer one of the burning questions from the previous arc, The Crossroads Conundrum, and its cliffhangers…

Ends May 17

Pneumatic Cases #1-3: Sleuthing Steampunk Spouses

Lord and Lady Ravenscroft are two brilliant scientists and inventors whose Bohemian lifestyle and inventive ways are in direct contrast to the staid and proper ways of Victorian Era London.

Served faithfully by their steam-driven metallic Majordomo, Pneuman, and armed with a variety of elaborate self-created inventions, the Ravenscroft’s pursue the one vocation that brings excitement into their world… solving murders!

Ends May 30

Clockwork Curandera Vol. 1: The Witch Owl Parliament

Steampunk, fantasy, and alternate history collide in this genre-bending graphic novel, the first volume in the planned Clockwork Curandera trilogy. Created by an award-winning Latinx teamThe Witch Owl Parliament imagines a world that centers Mexican mythology and Indigenous lifeways, offering a diverse twist on Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein.  It also features a prominent queer love story.

The Witch Owl Parliament is already fully completed and will be a 112-page paperback. The art will be full color limited palette, with both red and green and a 4-color paper background. And it will be available simultaneously in both English and Spanish editions—author David Bowles is a professional translator, and did the translation himself! Here’s a peek at some of the artwork:

Ends May 19

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    1. What do you want to contact me about? I am not very involved in Steampunk stuff anymore (pandemic inspired me to follow other passions), so I may not be able to help these days.

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