A Tip of the Hat to the Bonnet

So far in the Tip of the Hat series I have only talked about men’s hats. This is probably because I personally prefer to wear the styles that are meant for gents, but the ladies of the steam era were all be-hatted as well. For much of the 19th century, if a lady only owned one type of hat, it was going to be a bonnet. The Beginning of The Bonnet Starting in the late 1700s, “house bonnets” made of a soft material, such as cotton, were always worn by women in their homes. They sometimes has decorative ribbon, but … Continue reading A Tip of the Hat to the Bonnet

The history of the Corset

English: Corset from 1902. Il y a des femmes q...
English: Corset from 1902. Il y a des femmes qui lassent leurs amants plus vite que leur corset. (There are women who tire of their lovers faster than their corsets.) From La Vie Parisienne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The corset is a staple outfit accessory of the steampunk lady. There are many reasons why steampunks think they have to wear them from thinking that it’s a requirement of an outfit, to simply wondering if they can squeeze into it. The history of the corset is fascinating and in this article, I’m looking at where it came from and how fashions changing through the centuries have forged it into the shape we know today. Continue reading “The history of the Corset”