Steampunk Fact Sheet: Jack the Ripper

Steampunk Fact Sheet Jack the Ripper is the world’s most famous serial killer, both because of the brutality of the murders and the fact that the crimes are still unsolved. I have seen many Steampunk works make reference to the Whitechapel … Continue reading Steampunk Fact Sheet: Jack the Ripper

Back to the Future and Steampunk

English: Steam Locomotive in Universal Studios...
English: Steam Locomotive in Universal Studios, orlando of the film Back To Future (part III) Español: Locomotora a vapor de la última parte de la pelicula Volver al Futuro. En Universal Studio, orlando, florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the recent passing of 21st October 2015, it got me thinking about the links between Back to the Future and steampunk. Obviously in this article I’ll be covering the third chapter of the trilogy that sees Doc Brown thrown back to the Old West where he starts to “invent” modern day items using mid 19th century equipment and on purpose or by accident they turn out looking steampunk. Continue reading “Back to the Future and Steampunk”

Change a film quote to steampunk

Hugo screen still
Hugo screen still

Back at the beginning of January, I listed a number of films that I’d like to see converted to steampunk and rebooted. With the Fight Club suggestion, I converted a quote as to how a high brow Victorian might have said the same thing. It got me wondering what other favourite quotes from popular films could be changed to Victorian/steampunk and how they would sound. Continue reading “Change a film quote to steampunk”

What films would be converted to steampunk?

wild wild west steampunk film
Will Smith and Kevin Kline

There are a plethora of steampunk themed films out already with more coming out each year. The start of the year is the most exciting for cinema goers as films they’ve been waiting for (did someone say 2015 release of Star Wars?) as well as some unknown gems will be hitting screens all over the globe. But what films that have already been made do you think would be just as good – or even better – converted to steampunk themed films? Continue reading “What films would be converted to steampunk?”