Operation Steelpunk! Part three

Operation Steelpunk! Image 9
Steel goggles dynamic view

A few weeks ago, I asked a friend of mine, who is more than capable in the art of metal fabrication and welding, to make me a pair of steampunk goggles made out of knives and forks to reflect the city in which I was born and raised. I’ve been posting updates showing the progress of the project and I was sent a number of updated pictures today.

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Operation Steelpunk! Part One

Sheffield Cutlery for steampunk goggles
Cutlery for Operation Steelpunk

I may as well admit it that I’m hopeless at making things. I’m not a steampunk inventor by all accounts. I am creative, though and when I discovered that Daniel, an old school friend of mine, makes things out of metal in his spare time, I asked him to make me some goggles that would reflect my Sheffield heritage. Continue reading “Operation Steelpunk! Part One”

My First Instructable by Daniel LeMath

If you’re on the lookout for a little side project when you have some spare time, you could always look at modifying a small item such as the humble USB stick. Everyone uses them and having a copper pipe sticking out of a computer looks great. The article I’ve linked to here shows exactly what to do with high quality photography and a list of materials and necessary tools. I like that this stick being demonstrated has pipes that stick out. It goes with practicality over the refined look of others and it makes for a refreshing change. The pipes … Continue reading My First Instructable by Daniel LeMath