British steampunks! Your attention, please

American traveller, steampunk blogger and friend of the Journal Forwhomthegearturns has began a Kickstarter campaign which will fund an adventure into the heart of the Colonies‘ motherland. She intends to travel to London and visit Victorian places of note while writing a travelzine for other potential tourists from the Americas or beyond. By getting involved, you can contribute to the trip and get something back in return. There are various ways to show your support. For example, for $10 (around £6) you will get a 50 word (written by you) advertisement (called a Shout Out) with a thumbnail image in … Continue reading British steampunks! Your attention, please

Steampunk World Kickstarter, Just Six Days Left!

Originally posted on ENTROPIC WORLDS:
  Cover art by James Ng This is a very important anthology that features some serious talent: Jay Lake, S.J. Chambers, Jaymee Goh, Ay-Leen the Peacemaker, just to name a few. Editor Sarah Hans sums up the mission of Steampunk World as follows. Steampunk is fascinating. There’s something compelling about the shine of clicking brass clockwork and hiss of steam-driven automatons. But until recently, there was something missing. It was easy to find excellent stories of American and British citizens… but we rarely got to see steampunk from the point of view of the rest of… Continue reading Steampunk World Kickstarter, Just Six Days Left! begins steampunk playing cards Kickstarter campaign

Cards packaging

by Jenelle Sosa for is proving that they’re more than just about goggles with a Kickstarter campaign to create a deck of Steampunk Playing cards, and some pretty sweet rewards for helping to support the project! Continue reading “ begins steampunk playing cards Kickstarter campaign”

New steampunk comic series seeks funding

As I perused vastness of the electronic web today, I received a request from a delightful chap. Turns out he’s got a splendid idea for a steampunk themed comic series called Arthur Shilling and he’s looking to Kickstarter for funding to get it going. Naturally, he turned to the Journal as a friend of the people to ask for some exposure and I’m only too happy to document a chapter for him. I’ll set out the press release below, but it seems the adventure is all about our aforementioned protagonist Mr. Shilling. He’s a Paranormal Investigator and Gentleman Engineer and … Continue reading New steampunk comic series seeks funding