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Gary Nicholls releases new images from the Imaginarium

copyright Gary Nicholls
Final design of the Necessitti – copyright Gary Nicholls

I’ve been a big fan of Gary Nicholls‘ work ever since he first discussed his plan for the Imaginarium story to me a year ago. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him at Asylum and seeing his vision unfold to rapturous acclaim. His attention to detail and determination to concluded this epic story is admirable. Here, he’s written for Steampunk Journal about the next chapter in the story and the introduction of a new character and good friend of mine. Continue reading “Gary Nicholls releases new images from the Imaginarium”

First pictures of Steampunk Freddy shoot

Copyright James Morgan, used with permission
Copyright James Morgan, used with permission

As many of you will be aware, I recently began my new character based on the 1980’s horror icon Freddy Krueger. I recently got in touch with a local photography group who had attended Whitby Goth Weekend and asked if they would like to arrange a shoot of Steampunk Freddy. Continue reading “First pictures of Steampunk Freddy shoot”

The problem with photographers

steampunk couple
There are plenty of ways to get a good photograph of a steampunk
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As a photographer, I’m always on the look out for subjects to photograph and that’s one of the many reasons why steampunk appeals to me. I love the creation, the Victorian splendour, the smart clothes of the gentlemen and the shape that a corset produces on ladies. I have to admit that sometimes I feel a little ashamed of that previous point. I feel as though it somehow brings me down to a more primal attitude to women because I’m looking at the shape of their body and not the photographic element. But then as I sit back and look in more detail, I realise that in fact, I like how that shape looks in the rectangular frame of a photograph. Continue reading “The problem with photographers”